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Our Experience

 Over  4 years of providing tools and solutions to get more out of AMPS in Financial and Banking industry. Experience in setting up AMPS cross locations in low latency production environment. Helped in training  development and support staff member to make best use of AMPS.

Our Approach

 Our  service includes a comprehensive review to help identify gaps and  opportunities in your AMPS setup. This includes building a road map to  truly understand where you want to go. That’s how we ensure your  success. We have the ability to take your AMPS setup from a concept to  live production deployment quickly. 

Why Us?

 We  have written great tools for AMPS. We have JetFuelView that gives you a  high level view of your AMPS instances. JetFuelExplorer where you can  query, publish data to topic and views.  JetFuelExecute which allows you  to do RPC over amps. Great tools helps you to get more from your given  setup. And we have been doing this for over 4 years. Together we’ll  create and refine your plan for success.